About Us

The Monash Health Foundation supports the important work of Monash Health - Victoria’s largest healthcare provider. Monash Health is proud to provide healthcare to one quarter of Melbourne’s population. We are Victoria’s largest healthcare service and provide healthcare across the entire life-span from newborns to the elderly.  

We provided 3.6 million episodes of care to our community in 2017. We deliver care from 42 sites including 7 public hospitals. Our public hospitals include: Monash Children’s, Monash Medical Centre, Casey, Dandenong, Kingston, Packenham and Cranbourne Centre.

The Monash Health Foundation is the Fundraising arm of Monash Health. The Foundation nurtures and encourages your philanthropic support, so we can provide a positive experience for the people we care for. Your philanthropic support will support vital equipment, research projects and patient wellbeing initiatives needed at Monash Health.

 The Monash Health Foundation is made up of a small team of fundraising professionals. They are here to help you make a difference in the lives of Monash Health patients and staff members, supporting good health for our community. The Foundation team can give you information, advice and support to maximise your fundraising impact. The Foundation also ensures that your generous donations are distributed to the Monash Health area of most need, or to the area you nominate.

Together we can imagine a healthier future.

Please contact us today if you have any questions about how you can support Monash Health call (03) 9594 2700 or email foundation@monashhealth.org

Why We Need Your Help

When you are really sick you need the help of medical technology, research and professionals to imagine a healthier future. By supporting the Monash Health Foundation you can bring imagination to life! You will fund new and additional equipment, medical research projects, staff training and patient well-being programs.

The government provides us with the essentials, but there is always more we can do for people when they are sick. We believe in the power of imagination to inspire our researchers to find cures and to give patients hope.

Donate today and imagine a healthier future for our community.